From the fields of art to design and branding, there’s a need of the slightest twist to develop an identity. Instead of pointing at a bad guy in the 21st century design world, I’ll point out a concept which is checking out the entire check-list of things done right: Sketch Gallery (London). It’s up for discussion whether this fits everyone or not. However, if you’re aiming to please everyone you need to go for something as anonymous as a dentist office (and a catch-22 here is that those tend to be the absolute public spaces that should consider a change in design language).

Items that’s approaching something unforeseen, which yet again tend to end up on social media. In other words this means free publicity. Photo: theseepoint

The use of millennial pink and copper is neither new or innovative, but the complete package’s still unique. It’s all done in a kind of majestic yet informal way and has been blended together with contemporary art (by David Shrigley). Blending different metals, as copper (used at the furnishings, decoration and lighting) and the gold-like color (in the zigzag tiles), moves the concept to eclecticism. Overall there’s a clear presence of eclecticism, in other words it’s not following a specific trend. One color with different amounts of white in it is used (which makes it into two main colors of pink). Straight lines blended with organic lines. The results of trusting a designer’s taste or one’s guts, and not following the rules you wrote down because a self-appointed expert told you so.