I have a hypothesis. And I struggle to keep my mouth shut so I might as well spit it out . If you have an eye for aesthetics, it doesn’t matter what kind of field you find yourself in. Regardless of creative fields or more science based. A tasteful combination is a tasteful combination and I kind of want to stab my not-designer friends who are, for example, super talented without having studied neither art or design. Or I would never stab them because I need my fans wink. Again, design is not mathematical except the Golden ratio (which is kind of a flashing math sign to me), but in theory there’s no restrictions which is what I find the most liberating. The rules are existing and has a presence as strong as German grammar but no one will beat you up if you either explore or challenge the design rules. Which also is why I raise question to how a professor objectively can grade a creative project or piece (after grading its quality in terms of research and how innovative it is). We have a different perception of what beauty is, and I find it absolutely beautiful that we have that. Yes please drop the mic.


Art doesn’t fancy me, but art in the combination with the artist does. An artist in combination with their home, where their happiness and sorrows takes place, does. Art functions as an expression going straight through the individual. Carrying so many pounds of the mentality of the artist that you get to see something that is pure, that is real, that is without a dog filter from Snapchat. However, the spaces where art is born fascinates me, and it will probably continue to fascinate me as much as a black hole in the universe.

It’s time to shove in an example that is more raw. Because the amount of fancy stuff and personality an artist put into his/her home doesn’t rate the creativity. It’s a home and if your home isn’t you, why should you be living there in the first place (a statement isn’t in need of a question mark).


Photo credits: The home of the Kemp/Holford family: designsponge.com. The home of Rachel Castle: homestolove.com.au. The home of Jess Brooks: sfgirlbybay.com. Header photo credit: designsponge.com

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