I’m not fascinated by engineering behind straight, tall buildings or how many levels they manage to squeeze into it so they can laugh all the way to the bank. It’s math, it’s not your brain taking a trip down fantasy lane. You cannot calculate a design approach on your computer using solely digits. If a building is exclusively static without any mind blowing details, how come is it called architecture at all. Because it’s a basic construction? Organic architecture, as well as bio-architecture, is coming back. Or I am dragging it back. Mr. Flintstone did approve.

Below: Cortesia de Javier Sonosiain

Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_2

Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_5Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_8Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_6Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_3

Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_planPlan
Cortesia de Javier Senosiain_sectionSection

Show me something natural like a building with some stretch marks. Which means I need to make a source reference to Kendrick Lamar as well. That’s a first.