Let me tell you a story about, let’s call him Mike, who wasn’t happy with the amount of artificial light in his living room. The one and only lamp he had in his living room was “Globe” from Verpan. As you can see on the picture below it’s a decoration lamp yet a design icon. In this case we have several problems. First of all, decoration tends to be that: decoration.


You’re usually in need of other light sources as well in a combination to this to compensate the lack of light. The light bulb in this case isn’t only hidden in the design and therefore giving less light, the light bulb for Globe’s only max 60W.

What do you need? (Read in Justin Bieber melody)

Age isn’t just a number and it does matter for the amount of light you need. The color or materials on the walls affect the amount of light you need. Not surprisingly, just not always taken into consideration. When it comes to LED vs. halogen, there’s an ocean of misunderstandings. If you purchase bad LED (as in super cheap) yes, the quality and technology will be as bad as the Gnucci t-shirt you bought in Turkey. There’s a lot going on in the LED-industry. Warmer LED, and “dim to warm”, has been developed. When LED arrived it was barely usable due to the fact that it turned everyone into the skin color of Voldemort, and a majority still have this very mental perception. Let me break it down to you: we’re in exciting and changing times.

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